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Confessions at St. Denis

The priests and penitents will practice strict social distancing, including:

  • Using the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, the courtyard, and classrooms in the Hall for confessions.  
  • Having people wait at least six feet apart in the pews of the church, at least six feet apart in the courtyard, and at least six feet apart in the Hall.  
  • The priest and penitent will wear face coverings and will remain at least six feet apart.  The priest and the penitent will stand or sit side-by-side, facing in the same direction, in order to maintain proper hygiene.  
  • The penitent’s pew, chair, and other points of contact will be wiped down when the penitent leaves.
  • A volunteer/employee will instruct people where to wait in line, remind them about social distancing, and will wipe down the points of contact when the penitent leaves.


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